About the Heads


Wickie Stamps is a widely published writer whose work has appeared in The Advocate, OutWeek, Gay Community News and over a dozen short-story collections. Wickie has won accolades for her writing of the staged drama Fugue State (Fringe Festival, San Francisco) and the multiple-award-winning film Foucault Who? Prior editor of both the notoriously hypermasculine Drummer magazine and the equally infamous Socialist Review, Wickie continues to make films, zines, and other work as part of San Francisco’s Heads Will Roll Studios. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Zeboiim, a queerly Southern tale of trauma and crime, and for Io Facc’ l’Omm, a disturbing crossroads of gender and obsession.



Jed Bell is a filmmaker who started out as a community organizer for ACT UP and queer civil rights campaigns, learning graphic design along the way by making posters and flyers, protest signs and newsletters. Jed wound up combining the collaborative skills of activism with the visual storytelling of graphic design to start making films. His first short, the queer noir crime drama Foucault Who?, has toured the globe, winning “best of fest” awards in the U.S. and Europe. His kvetchy animated trans satire DRIVE THRU made its way around the world after winning “Best Animation” at San Francisco’s Rough Cut Film Festival, followed by multiple festival screenings of the trans/hip hop/narrative Crash and the crazed lesbionic comedy Tick Tock for Ding Dongs.