Head Wound #5

Cadaver on autopsy table, label tied to toe, close-up

Borderline is the personality disorder of the day. People with BPD get attached super-quickly, find rejection unbearable, and constantly find themselves as characters on Law & Order. We discuss L&O Criminal Intent episode “Semi-Detached”—does the title refer to Bobby Goren’s unintended intimacy with Nelda, who likes to use human hair in gifts for the men in her life? Is BPD on TV only for women and girls? Plus, check-cashing corpses and milkshake-slurping snakes!

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Head Wound #4


Histrionic personality disorder is today’s special. Histrionics express their problems through sickness, seduction and drama. We check in on the Hollywood writers’ strike. Jed loves The Wire and got to meet Bunk’s brother! Jed also loves Oliver Stone; deal with it. Wickie just doesn’t care for Women’s Murder Club. If there isn’t a movement into depth, it’s coming off the TiVo. Wickie and the nation of Italy continue to watch CSI: Miami, and David Caruso continues to stand sideways too much. Also, in Japan, people who turn into vending machines.

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Head Wound #3


Head Wound acquires a second microphone. We use it to talk about sleep disorders—specifically “sleep sex,” and The Family That Couldn’t Sleep. Ostriches fight back against humans. Wickie goes to sleep to murder, crime-show-wise: she finds she must fortify her diet with at least eight murders a day. Plus, the new Bionic Woman sucks and Magenta the Tarantula doesn’t like change.

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Various awesome

There’s a lot of awesome going around, despite the grim clouds rolling around. Here’s one: Jacqueline Novogratz was talking about her Acumen Fund on the equally awesome Diane Rehm Show podcast the other day. I ain’t an expert, but setting up systems in Africa, India, and Pakistan to employ thousands of local people in doing stuff like providing cheap clean water to their neighbors for the first time—sounds pretty excellent to me. Her set-up is a bit like Kiva in that it allows us first-worlders to invest in the enterprises of people in desperately poor areas. Novogratz has a new book out called The Blue Sweater, referring to a piece of clothing from her own adolescence that she had put in her family’s GoodWill pile one day and that turned up, decades later, worn by a random boy she ran into in the streets of Rwanda (I think). She said she grabbed him and checked the inside collar of the sweater—her name was still sewn in there.

Dude. Am I growing a new bone inside my brain?

Because if not, I don’t understand why these earplugs won’t fit in my right ear anymore. They come out all squiggly, having jammed part-way in. Three in a row. “Compare to Flent’s” it says on the Walgreens container—as if I wasn’t having a Kafaesque enough day as it was.

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