A narrative film and music video in one, with trans hip-hop star Katastrophe (Rocco Kayiatos). I had been a fan of Rocco’s since his earlier video, Hella Hoes, an amazing trans and feminist piece that recast sleazy straight guys as the “hoes” and “bitches” of the world inhabited by the queer main characters.

We first worked together when I made the animated stage show for his Hip Hopera Homemade Superhero, after which he approached me about creating a video for Crash, one of the songs from the show. Katastrophe has been described as “a hot-shit, somewhat reclusive, over analytical, FTM emo-hop MC who has rocked the mic, charmed the ladies and educated the masses across the USA. With his tongue-twisting rhyme style, political frankness and a disarming sense of humor, he has become a primary player in the growing national queer hip hop underground.” More from this fantastic bio here at QCC’s site.